Peach Tree Rascals Bring a Little Sunshine to Atlantis

In my very first stop at DC's newest gem, The Atlantis, I was treated to a chill night of sonic sunshine; that's the best way I can describe the sound of headliners, Peach Tree Rascals. Making their stop through the nation's capitol, now half-way through their first headlining North American tour, the California natives found themseleves with a packed house; and they put on a show. Joining [PTR] in support was singer-songwriter Fig.

Fig performing live @ The Atlantis in DC

Fig's got some soul. There's this vibey, grooving swing to her music that just sets a mood; a tasty mix of r&b, soul, and bedroom pop, you can count me a fan. Music aside, my favorite part of Fig's set was without a doubt the impromptu game of trivia. With questions like "which country calls the unicorn it's national animal" and awesomely practical prizes like boxes of pasta and everyone's favorite sponge, the scrub mommy; what more could you want? As quirky as any true artist should be, Fig was a vibe through and through.

Peach Tree Rascals performing live @ The Atlantis in DC

All I have to say about the headliners is, what an absolutely fun band to watch! Peach Tree Rascals plays with the kind of loose and joyous energy of a bunch of kids just fucking around with their best friends. I can imagine its that very energy that draws their fans in; it's facile and pure in the truest sense. The crowd was all in, ready for every call-and-response, harmonizing every line; the effortlessness of true fanship and appreciation evident from the start. Let it also be known, that I'm a fan of any band that dances on stage, and the Rascals can move. How could you say no to sunshine, vibes, and dance moves?

I think my first trip to the Atlantis was a pretty successful one. Wherever there's an intimate show with true fans and honest acts, that's the place I want to be. Hopefully this is only the first of many Peach Tree Rascals shows for me, and if you're reading this hopefully you'll find your way to a show too.

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