LP Whistles into the DC Night

A little while back I got the chance to cover one of, if not the greatest vocalist I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing live. Stopping into my favorite stomping ground [The Anthem] was vocal maestro, LP. Though I owe my knowledge of the singer to my girlfriend, I can say now with confidence that there aren’t many voices that come close to what LP is able to do. Opening up the show, was fledgling singer, Verite.

Verite performing live at The Anthem in Washington, DC

I hadn’t heard her music before the show, but Verite gave a good first impression. The elements of classic r&b she intertwines with contemporary pop seem singular to her voice; which in today’s climate, is a feet in and of itself. Though it creates somewhat of an obstacle for me as a photographer, as a concert goer, there’s nothing like watching a performer play their instrument on stage; and Verite knows how to play her keys.

LP performing live at The Anthem in Washington, DC

As for LP, I don’t have many ornamental words. Put simple, they were showstopping; from start to finish their extraordinary vocal ability was on full display, reaching the skies and sweeping floors, over and over again. My favorite part of the performance was watching the star vocalist strum along on a ukulele as they whistled like a songbird into the night; and let it be known, I ‘ve never come across someone before LP, that manages to look like a complete badass with ukulele in their hands. This is a performer I can say without doubt, is worth the price of admission.

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