Swimming - What It Means to Me

Swimming - What It Means to Me

I had just graduated college, circa 2018 and I was having a hard time adjusting to what life meant after you get your degree. My grandmother also shortly passed away after I graduated which made things enormously harder in the grand scheme of things because I was really close to her and she was always in my corner.

Around this time, Mac Miller dropped his brand new album "Swimming". For some reason this album became musical therapy to me and I would listen to it on repeat for hours and hours consistently back to back. I had always been a huge fan of Mac, all the way back to "The High Life" mixtape days to when this album dropped but for some reason this album was just completely on another level to me.

In September, Mac passed away as well which just came as a total shock to me. I couldn't fathom the thought of one of my favorite musicians had lost his life. It hit me hard and I remember just taking a drive around at night blasting the album at full volume.

I really enjoy the lead single off the album, "Self Care". I feel like it encapsulates the whole message behind the music on the album. I'll never skip any song off this album when it comes on due to the fact that every song is a legit banger.