Never Ending Fall Presents: The American Disco Tour

Never Ending Fall “The American Disco Tour”  kicked off with an electrifying performance by Selfish Sons, an Australian band embarking on their first US tour composed of brothers Jordy (Lead Singer/ Guitar), Jonty (Drums) and childhood friend Finn (Bass). The moment they hit the stage, it was evident that this trio brought more than just their music across the ocean. The Aussie charm radiated through their set, and the crowd was instantly captivated.

The stage presence of Selfish Sons was nothing short of remarkable. The energy that Finn and Jordy radiated with the guitar solos and Finn's dance moves filled the room. The 90s alt rock vibes were palpable in every chord, every beat, as if they had seamlessly transported the essence of that era into the present. It was a nostalgic journey through the sounds that defined a generation with fresh lyrics.

What stood out even more was the announcement of their return in March for a music festival. Make sure to keep up with the band for more updates. Selfish Sons left an indelible mark, and I am genuinely excited to witness what their future holds.

Never Ending Fall took the stage shortly after, transforming the venue into an intimate space where every note reverberated with a sense of connection. The entire crowd was immersed in the spellbinding performance with phones, hands and drinks in the air, proving that Never Ending Fall had mastered the art of engaging their audience.

Their genre blend of new age rock with a funky twist provided a refreshing experience. Lead Singer Jack Miller, Drummer Tommy StClair, Guitarist and Keyboardist Conrad Boyd, Guitarist Pearce Eisenhardt and Bassist Johnny Hohman are all extremely talented and I was impressed with what they were able to do as one. Even for someone unfamiliar with either band, it took no time to understand why both Never Ending Fall and Selfish Sons had the undivided attention of the audience. The seamless transitions between songs and the dynamic interplay of instruments showcased a level of musicianship that elevated the concert to a truly immersive experience.

The cold misty night in Dallas served as the perfect backdrop for the vibes that both bands exuded. It was a musical journey that transcended the physical realm, creating an atmosphere where the audience and performers were connected through the shared love for music.

Selfish Sons and Never Ending Fall was a testament to the power of live music. Both bands brought something unique to the stage, that left great memories. I am excited to see both bands grow and flurish.