EP Review - Kublai Khan TX | Lowest Form Of Animal

Kublai Khan TX came out swinging with their newest EP, Lowest Form Of Animal. There is no question that this is some of their best material ever put out. Mind you, I really enjoy all of their work, but there is something about this set of songs that goes absolutely hard. Check out the video for 'Swan Song' feat. Scott Vogel below:

We love some heavy-hitting hardcore music and they 100% delivered in every track. There is something about how they craft each song that catches your attention. Like 'Resentment', probably my favorite of the whole EP, it's the super low baselines in the background that remind me of Fieldy from Korn and how he plays his bass. Also, the different tempos they incorporate throughout the whole song keep it interesting.

Being a Texas-based creative, I look forward to seeing what bands come out of the area. Texas breeds some fantastic metal bands and Kublai Kahn TX is one of them. While it can be hard to separate yourself from everyone in the scene, I think these songs do a great job of jumping out to you. I feel the rest of the hardcore community would agree with that.

I have been following these guys for quite some time and watching them come up has been insane. They continue to shape the genre and introduce new ways to keep it interesting. Not to mention, the intricate and technical side of their music. How they flow from verse to verse and chorus to chorus really shines in their songs. This EP definitely gives you an inside look into that. Check out the EP art below:

If you are looking for something to work out to, this is going to be your go-to. A banger of an EP and definitely looking forward to more out of Kublai Kahn TX. Listen to the whole EP below.