EP Review: Alpha Wolf x Holding Absence | The Lost & The Longing

The EP we never knew we needed until now

Two of the hottest bands in the scene right now are undoubtedly Australian native bands Alpha Wolf and Holding Absence from Wales. More than 10,000 miles separates the two countries of origin but that did not keep these two powerhouses from releasing an EP together that absolutely no one saw coming. While Holding Absence are known for lead singer Lucas Woodland’s incredible clean vocals, Alpha Wolf is just about as heavy as it gets in every aspect.

The first track of the EP '60cm of Steel' (Alpha Wolf featuring Holding Absence) is an absolute tone setter. The track starts slow but wastes little time before hitting you with Lochie Keogh’s all too familiar growls. Lucas pushes his vocal range into a new space that compliments the heavy tone so well. '60cm of Steel' features an incredible build into a very gnarly breakdown sure to please the heaviest of metal heads. Dare I say this is one of my favorite Alpha Wolf songs to date.

Track two ‘Hotel Underground’ is a standout Alpha Wolf song for me. This song absolutely rips with incredible pace and energy hard to match. Check out the music video below:

Holding Absence takes the driver's seat in ‘Aching Longing’. This track was the world's first exposure to the incredible pairing of these polar opposite groups. Not only does Lucas and company welcome fans back with his perfect melodic tone, but he also mixes in some very raw un-restrained vocals we have never seen before. This track features a very Alpha Wolf inspired breakdown without losing its Holding Absence core. For me, this is THE identity track to this entire EP. Truly a great balance.

Holding Absence caps off the EP with pure melodic bliss in the track 'Coffin'. You never would have guessed you would have been met with some gentle piano at some point in this EP after the first track, did you? I certainly did not but wow, am I here for it.  Another absolute beautiful track to add to Holding Absence’s ever-growing discography.

Guitarist Sabian Lynch of Alpha Wolf tells us how this pairing came to be:

“We first met Holding Absence back in 2019 at the Impericon fest in Europe and we got along like a house on fire. We really enjoy their super catchy tunes and luckily enough they enjoy our heavy tunes. We talked a bunch over social media and kept up to date with what they were doing and when Lucas (jokingly) mentioned that we should do a split, it surprisingly just seemed like the best idea ever. We both released albums around the same time and it made sense, timing-wise, for us both to release new music at the same time. Working with them has been a breeze and we’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

No matter what there is something here for everyone. What an amazing collaboration!

Holding Absence & Alpha Wolf – The Lost & The Longing Split EP track list

1. 60cm of Steel (Alpha Wolf / Holding Absence)
2. Hotel Underground (Alpha Wolf)
3. Aching Longing (Holding Absence / Alpha Wolf)
4. Coffin (Holding Absence)

The Lost & The Longing is out August 15th via Greyscale / Sharptone Records.

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