Currents First Headline Tour Dominates Dallas, TX

Amid the busy Dallas streets droves of metalcore fans assembled to take in a truly unforgettable experience at Southside Music Hall. On May 28th the renowned band Currents continued their first ever north american headline tour delievering a historic performance. With over 1,000 fans in attendance this would be Currents biggest headline show yet. The mass of attendees catapulted Currents to the second largest show of Southside Music Halls history, only surpased by that of Bad Omens. Supported by Like Moths To Flames, UnityTX, and Foreign Hands, the lineup promised an explosive night of sonic mayhem.

Foreign Hands would kick things off with a pure choatic energy that could not be contained. While the group has released music for 5 years they opperate at a breakneck pace of seasoned veteran bands. The band's incredible energy along side their bone-crushing breakdowns, provided no respite from the storm. The crowd embraced the pure metal and hardcore feeling, oscillating between headbanging in unison and launching themselves up for crowd surfing. Foreign Hands easily proved themselves to be a formidable force, expanding their place in the metalcore scene.

Up next Dallas natives, UnityTX. Whenever this group is home a wealth of its native fanbase will always show up and show out. UnityTX injected a different flavor into the evening, fusing rap-infused metalcore with an unyielding energy that demanded attention. The band's charismatic frontman, Jay Webster, commanded the stage, effortlessly transitioning between vicious growls and rapid-fire rhymes.

Their setlist, including standout tracks like 'RUCKUS' and 'CROSS ME,' resonated deeply with the audience. UnityTX's lyrics tackled themes of resilience, self-empowerment, and societal issues, resonating with the crowd's youthful energy. The band's tight musicianship and contagious enthusiasm left an indelible mark, further stoking the anticipation for the headliners.

Capitalizing on the energy Like Moths To Flames hit the stage. Wasting zero time the veteran group launched into opening track 'Ameliorate'. Frontman Chris Roetter's commanding presence and the band's tight musicianship were a treat for the crowd, igniting a massive amount of crowd surfing that kept security more than busy. Chris took time after three songs to commend the security staff as well as the fans for being their most active crowd on the tour to date. Since 2010 Like Moths To Flames has been providing for the scene and it was evident a wealth of their fans were present in Dallas.

As the band tore through hits like 'I Solemnly Swear' and 'Bury Your Pain', the mosh pit erupted into a frenzy of flailing limbs and crowd surfers. Like Moths To Flames set the table for the headlining act, igniting the flames of excitement that would continue to burn throughout the rest of the night.

Finally, as the anticipation reached its peak, Currents exploded onto the stage with a force that shook Southside Music Hall to its core. Opening with the tour and album title track 'The Death We Seek' they quickly unleashed a devastating torrent of sound, captivating the audience with their unwavering intensity.

Vocalist Brian Wille's performance was a revelation, seamlessly transitioning between guttural roars and haunting cleans. The band's synchronicity was remarkable, with guitarists Chris Wiseman blasting off blistering riffs and face-melting solos while bassist Christian Pulgarin and drummer Matt Young anchored the rhythm section with precision and power.

Currents delivered a balanced setlist, including fan favorites like 'Monsters' and 'Remember Me'.  The synergy between the band and the crowd was palpable, as bodies collided in the mosh pit and voices harmonized in unison during sing-along choruses.

The stage production complemented the band's sonic assault, with stunning lighting and a simple banner that left me focused on the pure musicianship on display. The immersive atmosphere intensified the emotional impact of each song, creating an unforgettable connection between the band and the fans. Capping off the 14 song setlist with 'Gone Astray' and 'Apnea' had the Dallas crowd giving everything they had left.

The Death We Seek Tour at Southside Ballroom in Dallas, Texas, provided a captivating evening that showcased the band's ability to seamlessly blend aggression and tranquility within the metalcore genre. The performances of Like Moths To Flames, UnityTX, and Foreign Hands added depth and diversity to the event, demonstrating the range of artistic expression within the genre.

The night was a testament to the power of music to evoke a range of emotions, from adrenaline-fueled excitement to introspective tranquility. Currents' ability to create an atmosphere that allowed the audience to unwind while still delivering a powerful performance left a lasting impression.

As the night came to a close, the echoes of the concert lingered, reminding attendees of the transformative power of live music. This concert served as a reminder that metalcore can be a vehicle for both catharsis and introspection, offering a more relaxed yet emotionally charged experience for fans. 10/10.

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