Between You & Me Bring the Best of Pop Punk to Orlando on the SH!T YEAH Tour

The SH!T YEAH North American Tour hit The Abbey in Orlando Saturday night, igniting the stage with a fervor that left the audience electrified. Headlined by the Australian pop punk breakout band, Between You & Me, the concert was a rush of energy and raw talent. With support from Young Culture and Homesafe, as well as Orlando natives Felicity, the evening promised a lineup that would keep the crowd going all night long.

Kicking off the night was Felicity. The band wasted no time in their 20-minute set, completely captivating the audience despite initial sound issues. Ending their set with the feel-good anthem “The Weather” and a transition right into an a capella rendition of the outro of “Hey Jude,” they wrangled the entire crowd to sing along with them, an impressive feat for an opening band.

Following Felicity's performance, Homesafe took to the stage with a powerful yet grounded energy. With their signature blend of aggressive riffs and heartfelt lyrics, the Chicago-based band commanded the stage with a confidence that was palpable. The three piece left a lasting impression on everyone in attendance, leaving the lingering question as to how they have not blown up yet.

Young Culture then burst onto stage with an explosive enthusiasm that was impossible to ignore. Hailing from Albany, New York, the band delivered a set filled with catchy hooks, irresistible melodies, and camaraderie. Tracks like "Jesus" and "Holiday in Vegas" had the crowd bouncing and singing along, and the crowdsurfing did not slow down from the first song to the last, proving that Young Culture is a force to be reckoned with in the pop punk scene.

Finally, the highly anticipated Between You & Me stormed the stage to a more than eager crowd. The band launched into a set that was high energy from start to finish. From the long time fan favorite "Dakota" to the emotional intensity of "Go To Hell," Between You & Me delivered a performance that was exhilarating and cathartic. With their dynamic stage presence and undeniable chemistry, the band had the audience captivated the whole set through to the much appreciated encore performance of “Goldfish.”

In conclusion, the SH!T YEAH North American Tour delivered a night of unforgettable performances that showcased the best that this new wave of pop punk has to offer. Between You & Me, Young Culture, Homesafe, and Felicity each brought their own unique style to the stage, creating a concert experience that was nothing short of electrifying. The Sh!t Yeah Tour continues on to the final U.S. dates in San Antonio, Phoenix, and Anaheim before heading over to the Australian leg of tour in May. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for their upcoming EP SH!T YEAH, dropping on April 5th.