Beartooth and Company Party In Sin City (Show Review)

Las Vegas, NV - It was another hot evening in the desert and Beartooth was about to start their second run of their North American 2024 Tour at The Theater inside The Virgin Hotels. This time bringing out with them supporting acts Nevertel, Boundaries, and Currents for this summer tour.

Starting the show off, Nevertel came out to set the tone for the rest of the night. Their high energy and hip-hop infused rock choruses quickly made an impact on the crowd. Midway through their set, the Florida natives took a moment to comment on the hot dry air and how they weren't used to such an environment. This was met with much of the crowd yelling out their own distaste for humidity and "but it's just a dry heat". I couldn't help but agree. They finished their set to loud cheers and applause and thanked the crowd before leaving the stage.

Up next, the metalcore act from Connecticut, Boundaries. Having recently caught them on their own headline show in support of their newest record, 'Death Is Little More', I was looking forward to seeing how they would perform on a bigger stage in front of a larger audience. They did not disappoint. They exploded onto the stage with a commanding presence, quickly getting the crowd moving. Their set was filled with crushing hardcore influenced riffs and mosh pits, raising the bar for the night even higher.

The crowd used the brief break in between sets to catch their breath before Currents took to the stage.  Also hailing from Connecticut, Currents delivered an emotional and cathartic set featuring their more melodic style of metalcore paired with singer Brian Wille’s powerful vocals. Delivering a performance packed with crushing breakdowns and melancholic choruses, their set was absolutely incredible.

And finally, the reason nearly 4,000 people packed this venue, Beartooth was up next. The crowd was electric with excitement, and they began chanting "Beartooth", raising their fists in the air in anticipation of what was to come. The lights dimmed and the crowd roared. Bright LED panels onstage signaled a countdown to the first song. The crowd cheered as each band member made their way onstage. Multiple compressed air cannons exploded confetti into the air and the band ripped into the first song. Front man and singer, Caleb Shomo's onstage presence is like no other. Commanding every inch of the stage and displaying impeccable crowd control. Their set is filled with songs from their vast catalog, sure to appease both old and new fans.

Their newest album, 'The Surface', signaled a new era lyrically for Beartooth, with the majority of songs having a more hopeful and cheerful tone than previous records, preaching self-love and acceptance. A personal highlight from the album is the closing track, "I Was Alive", which they played as their final song. Caleb dedicated that song to his late grandfather, a very touching moment. As the final notes played and the band made their exit, the lights dimmed, and the crowd applauded and chanted for an encore. Not too long afterward, the stage lights illuminated the venue once again and the band played their two final songs of the night.

As the first show of this tour concluded, Beartooth left a lasting impression on the Las Vegas crowd. Delivering a show displaying the absolute best the band has to offer, this was definitely a night to remember.