Album Review - Dead Poet Society, -!-

Album Review - Dead Poet Society, -!-

On March 12th, 2021, Dead Poet Society released their debut album "-!-". Hailing out of Boston, Massachusetts, this hard-rocking band brings all the essentials to the table. I did a run through of the album while walking and slowly started to realize my pace picked up until I was practically running full sprint with no destination in sight.

The album starts of with two instrumentals that lead into a song titled ".burymewhole." of which I personally think is my favorite on the album. Their bluesy type of style to start the song out adds a bit of flavor to the intro right before the song starts to pickup. Personally, I feel as if this band is one of the few that provides the old school blues that our parents are looking for as well as the heavier sound that I grew up on. It's an interesting combination for sure that will provide the listener through a multitude of generational experience.

Another song that stands out to me is "I Never Loved Myself Like I Loved You". The song starts out with vocals and a guitar playing over the chorus which is essentially a prelude for what's to come. Another standout track to me is ".CoDA." which currently is on the "Rock This" playlist on Spotify. This one features that bluesy style with a twist. You can't go wrong with that twist though, it's enough to draw the metal listeners in as well as our parents.

This bands touch of blues inspired rock as well as their heavier sound will be sure to inspire musicians for eras to come. Their unique sound makes them so much more interesting in the rock scene due to the fact that they draw from the old style blues as well as adding their own element into the mix.