Album Review - Justin Bieber, Justice

Album Review - Justin Bieber, Justice

I'll cut right to the chase here - Justin Bieber has made such a comeback in the recent years. From being the fan-girl pop artist to someone who pushes the boundaries in the music industry, Biebs really killed this album in the best way. I know he had the right people in the room when he was writing it.

Every song has a very catchy melody and from the sound of it, he spent hours and hours perfecting each song. My all-time favorite on the album has to be "Ghost". I'm someone who loves when emotion runs deep in a song and this one has it all. "As I Am" ft. Khalid is definitely a close second for me. Also a very catchy tune.

(Check out this drum cover of "Ghost" by my good friend Tyler Flamm - so good)

You can tell in every song how mature Justin has become. It was rough there for a while but I think he really started surrounding himself with people that wanted the absolute best for him. Fame isn't easy I can imagine and from the looks of it, he really does care about making great music now-a-days. Give it a playthrough. I questioned it at first but really glad I dove into it.