Album Review: Holding Absence - 'The Noble Art Of Self Destruction'

Holding Absence has once again proven their mastery of emotional catharsis with their latest album, 'The Noble Art Of Self Destruction'. A sonic journey that's as poignant as it is powerful, this record is a mesmerizing tapestry of raw vulnerability and unbridled passion.

From the very first track, Holding Absence hooks listeners into a swirling vortex of feelings. The hauntingly beautiful melodies of "Head Prison Blues" set the tone for what's to come, showcasing Lucas Woodland's signature vocals that effortlessly traverse between heart-wrenching whispers and soul-stirring roars. The album's production deserves a standing ovation, creating an immersive experience where every lyric feels like a confession and every chord reverberates through the bones.

'The Noble Art Of Self Destruction' is a complete work of art both artistically and musically. Centering around the human experience and embracing your true self. The band weaves in imagry of the japanese art of pottery repair Kintsugi. Nothing is more human than our imperfections and Holding Absence are here to remind us to champion that.

Holding Absence - A Crooked Melody

The band's ability to seamlessly blend post-hardcore and emo influences with a touch of alternative rock is showcased brilliantly in tracks like "Death, Nonetheless" and the ever so good single "A Crooked Melody". These songs hit like a tidal wave of nostalgia, evoking memories of early 2000s emocore while injecting a modern energy that's uniquely Holding Absence. The guitar and bass work of Scott Carey and Ben Elliott respectively dances between shimmering arpeggios and crushing riffs, perfectly complementing the emotional depth of the lyrics. Speaking candidly, drummer Ash Green is beyond excelent on this record.

Lyrically, 'The Noble Art Of Self Destruction' feels like an introspective diary made audible. The groups introspections on love, pain, and self-discovery cut deep, resonating with anyone who's experienced the tumultuous journey of human existence itself. The ten track saga culminates in a near 6 minute masterpiece 'The Angel In The Marble' that reflects on the past while looking forward to the future. A truly amazing finale that leaves me more than excited for the future of this group.

“Our first album (2019’s Holding Absence) was about love, The Greatest Mistake of My Life was about loss, and this album is about the person that’s left at the end of that, and the lessons they’ve learned from their trauma. It’s the end of a trilogy – the album art literally says this is part three of three – but it’s not the end of Holding Absence. The Noble Art of Self-Destruction ends on a note of hope, of looking forward free of fear and of embracing yourself, cracks and all. I think that’s something to be really proud of.”  - Lucas
Holding Absence - Honey Moon

In a world oversaturated with music, 'The Noble Art Of Self Destruction' stands tall as a reminder of the potency that raw emotion and musical craftsmanship can achieve. Holding Absence has crafted an album that's not just heard, but felt deep within the soul. It's an exploration of the human experience that transcends genres and speaks directly to the heart. This album isn't just music – it's a cathartic masterpiece that will undoubtedly not be forgotten anytime soon.

"I am a puzzle, I am a painting, I am a work of art in the making." The Noble Art of Self Destruction: CDs & Vinyl