5150 - Van Halen

5150 - Van Halen

For my next record, I choose "5150" by Van Halen. In ode to Eddie, who passed away this past year, I felt like it would be a fitting tribute to pick a Van Halen album to talk about.

The 7th studio album by Van Halen, released on March 24th, 1986, was the first appearance of their new singer Sammy Hagar. Interestingly enough, the name "5150" is a code in the state of California for someone who is in mentally in distress as well as homing the name of Eddie's at home recording studio.

Standout songs for me would have to be the opening track on the album, "Good Enough" as well as the title track "5150". If you are into power ballads this album is a must because it has a ton of great songwriting as well as guitar playing to back it up. "Why Can't This Be Love" is the most streamed track from the album which is a solid pick from the album. This song is definitely one that takes you back to the late-eighties making it very special to a lot of people that grew up in that era.

In the video I chose you can see the band performing their title track "5150" from the album. Eddie can be seen rocking the iconic "Frankenstrat" to which became famous due to his impeccable guitar playing. I remember being in middle school listening to Eddie play and just sitting back in awe at how great of a guitar player he was. He was definitely an idol that helped me buy my first electric guitar kit which was a Fender Squire with a small amp.

The impact from this band and most notably Eddie will have me forever in debt to helping mold my future as a guitar player as well as someone who enjoys music.