3 Words Or Less: Set It Off - Elsewhere

I'm starting a new series here, where I review every song off of an album with only 3 words or less! We're starting this series with a recent release, and personal favorite of mine, Elsewhere by Set It Off.

Members of set it off screaming
Zach DeWall, Cody Carson, Maxx Danziger

One of my favorite bands is back at it again with some absolute pop bops! Released on March 11, the band's fifth album took the formula from their previous album, Hourglass, and turned the dial up to 11. Each track is an ear worm, and I've found myself singing along with each song during every playthrough.

  1. Skeleton: Catchy
  2. Projector: Creepy
  3. Cut Off: Bruno Mars-esque
  4. Loose Cannon: Concert sing-along
  5. Why Do I: Teeny-Bopper
  6. As Good As It Gets: Makes you chant
  7. Who's In Control: Vibey
  8. Taste of the Good Life: Ariana-Grande-esque
  9. Why Not Me: Relatable
  10. Dangerous: Rock Ballad
  11. Cordial: F#%* Em!
  12. The Magic 8: Scream it out
  13. Playing With Bad Luck: Sick basslines
  14. Peekaboo: Old SiO
  15. Catch A Break: Foot Tapper
  16. Better Than This: Super Sad Ballad